Merstone Hall - a special message

A Welcome Message From Mrs & Mr Afghan


Welcome to The Merstone Hall web site and thank you for taking the time to find out about our nursing and specialised care that we deliver.

We trust that as you negotiate your way through the Web site.

Choosing the right accommodation for your loved-ones, we will be able to help you make informed choices and at the same time give you an insight into our various homes and what makes them so very special.

As proprietors, we pride our self in providing highest quality in care. We believe that every one of our homes offer residents only the best in quality and dignified caring. What is more, we can confidently assure all families and friends that our committed staff will do everything possible to create a real 'home' for them during their stay.

At Merstone Hall , where we have people's welfare as our reason for being: Our greatest national treasure – the elderly.

But with every single resident we have the privilege to care for. Above all, we want to make them happy, while simultaneously attending to their health and social needs, which demands a massive team effort on our part, we also encourage both residents and their families to be involved in making it happen.

Mr & Mrs Afghan

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